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8 Stretching Exercises for Effective Neck Pain Treatment

Neck pain is a common and uncomfortable issue for many individuals. Many factors, including poor posture, stress, or muscle tension, may cause it. Once the reason is understood, your healthcare provider can start neck pain treatment to alleviate the pain. Fortunately, incorporating a few stretching exercises into the routine can relieve neck pain.

Let us explore some easy stretching exercises to relieve simple neck pain.

1.  Neck Glide

Start with this simple exercise to enhance the effectiveness of neck pain treatment. Keep your neck straight and slowly slide your chin forward. Stay in the same position for 5 seconds and return to the original one. Repeat the same process at least ten times for effectiveness.

2.  Neck Extension

In this exercise, keep your back straight, and without bending it, slowly move your head in the backward direction. Hold in the same positive for five seconds and return to the normal position. It will help in preventing neck strain.

3.  Neck Rotation

Keep your head straight and turn it in the left direction. Hold there for ten seconds and return to the original position. Again, turn your head in the right direction and hold it there for ten seconds. Return to the original position. Repeat this same exercise at least ten times, especially during work. It will alleviate neck pain and keep your head in a steady position when you work on a computer or laptop. You can repeat this same exercise every half hour to prevent neck strain.

4.  Lateral Extension

In this exercise, first, lean your head in the left direction and use your left hand to press your neck muscles against it. Hold in this position for five seconds and repeat the same in another. You can do ten repetitions of this exercise while working on the laptop or computer to ensure you don’t strain your neck.

5.  Shoulder Shrugs

A simple but effective exercise for preventing strain if you have to keep your head in a fixed position for an extended period. Keep your head straight and look in the front direction. Now, slowly raise both shoulders and hold in the upright position for at least five seconds. Do ten repetitions and repeat the exercise every half hour.

6.  Tilted Forward Flexion

Look straight ahead and tilt your neck to one side, touching your ears to the shoulder. Hold the position for five seconds and repeat the same on the other side. Now, slowly lower your chin towards your chest and hold in for five seconds. Return to the starting position and repeat the same sets at least ten times for better results.

7.  Deep Stretching

Lean your head towards the shoulder and use your hand to apply pressure for deep stretching. Hold the position for 30 seconds and do the repetitions three times.

8.  Towel Pull

Place a towel around the neck and hold it with your hands. Slowly, start looking upward and roll your head over the towel while applying gentle pressure to support the cervical spine. Return to the original position without holding, and repeat the same set ten times.


These exercises can help alleviate neck pain, but for proper guidance, you must visit top healthcare centers, like ANSSI Wellness, where you will get non-surgical neck pain treatment under the supervision of experts.

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