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Is Having A Horn Chestnut-Shaped Lip Necessary For Men?

Do you want to make a bold fashion statement? If you want to experiment with a new lip shape, why not try the horn? Men who want to make a statement can’t go wrong with this trendy accessory. If you’re concerned about how it’ll appear on your face, you needn’t be; there are many variations of the Horn-Chestnut shaped lip for men (ทำปากกระจับผู้ชาย which is the term in Thai) from which to pick. Where does that leave you? Make your upper lip into a horn! To make your lips look more hornlike, you should get lip fillers.

Horn-Chestnut Lips

It is trendy to have your lips surgically altered to be either fuller or thinner, or even to achieve the Horned Chestnut look. Liposuction is common among Asian males. Those who seek more voluminous lips should take the opposite approach. Therefore, it is not surprising that the most beautiful lips in the world are attributed to the skill of medical professionals. Surgeons are generally aware of aesthetic procedures, such as chestnut mouth for celebrities.

The shape is distinguished by the prominent central protrusion of the top lip, which is accomplished by reducing tissue from the outer corners of the lip. Upper lip reductions have resulted in thin upper lips that almost disappear when smiling, and web users complain about this in online forums.


Despite warnings, some men still seek out plastic surgeons to have their lips reduced, while others seek additional procedures from other specialists. Over-reduction, according to experts, is a problem because its effects are difficult, if not impossible, to reverse.

Over-reduced lip cases are done by only a select group of plastic surgeons, and those who take them charge more than average due to the difficulty of the surgery and the possibility that oral tissue will be respected. Fixing a patient’s lips to look like they did before is difficult. Some internet users have progressed to the point where they post even more horrible things when their mouths won’t close. However, before doing online research, you must speak with a medical professional.


The origin of the Horn-Chestnut shaped lip trend is a mystery to plastic surgeons. They agree that it has gained popularity over the past four to five years. The discussions about lip shape go back at least a decade when many people expressed a desire to have thinner lips like those of Hollywood celebrities.

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