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Kratom potentiators – How to enhance and intensify kratom?

Kratom users describe energizing yet soothing effects. Potentiators are substances that interact with kratom to enhance its effects when taken together. Potentiators make your body more sensitive to kratom alkaloids. As a result, you feel the effects of kratom more intensely from your usual dose, without needing to take more. With many potentiators to choose from, it is confusing to decide which works best.

When these alkaloids stay active for longer instead of breaking down, you feel boosted kratom effects. The acidity of citrus juice also appears to extract more alkaloids out of kratom powder. Multiple user reports across web forums highlight grapefruit juice and lemon juice as effective kratom potentiators. Simply drink some citrus juice 5-10 minutes before your normal Kratom dosage to potentiate it. Use 100% natural, unsweetened juice when possible. Mix your kratom dose with citrus juice in a single drink to further increase potency. Be cautious, however, about using citrus juice alongside the medications it interacts with. Compounds in citrus cause blood levels of many drugs to spike dangerously high by preventing metabolism.

Using magnesium to potentiate kratom

Magnesium is an essential dietary mineral already necessary for mitragynine to bind effectively to opioid receptors. Between 68% to 90% of Americans may unknowingly have a magnesium deficiency. One study discovered taking supplemental magnesium 30 minutes before kratom dramatically increased levels of mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine detected in the blood. Higher alkaloid levels mean enhanced kratom effects. The researchers hypothesize magnesium helps transport alkaloids across intestinal walls into the bloodstream.

Besides boosting kratom, correcting a magnesium deficiency offers widespread health perks – easing anxiety, cramping muscles, insomnia, constipation, and more. Magnesium glycinate is the most bioavailable supplemental form. Aim for 300-500 mg of magnesium 30 minutes before your regular kratom dose. Start low at first to avoid possible gastrointestinal distress or diarrhea. Consult a doctor before using magnesium supplements long-term.

Harnessing cayenne pepper to spice up kratom

Spicing up your kratom with cayenne pepper adds another advantage – better absorption and bioavailability. Cayenne contains capsaicin, an alkaloid that triggers increased blood circulation throughout the body when ingested. what is kratom? Better circulation means more kratom alkaloids travel from your digestive tract into the bloodstream to reach cell receptors faster. Users of a popular kratom potentiator called added extracts usually contain both turmeric and cayenne for this synergistic absorption effect. For the bravest spice lovers, toss and wash kratom powder with a pinch or sprinkle of cayenne. The rest of us blend encapsulated cayenne or cayenne tincture into kratom teas and smoothies without tasting unbearable heat. Start with small amounts of cayenne when first experimenting to see how your body handles it.

Which kratom potentiator works best?

  1. Magnesium – Since magnesium directly aids in absorbing mitragynine while addressing widespread deficiency, supplemental magnesium edges as the most effective potentiator. Convenient capsules help you precisely dose timing and amounts. 
  2. Citrus juice – Second place goes to citrus juice for its high alkaloid extraction power. Consider grapefruit or lemon juice for the tastiest citrus cocktail diluents. Keep potential medication interactions in mind.
  3. Cayenne pepper – Spicy Cayenne earns an honorable mention for amplifying kratom circulation to the bloodstream rapidly. But cayenne rates lower for real-world use due to its intense burning flavor. Capsules or extracts better suit cayenne-averse taste buds.

Take your time finding the ideal kratom potentiator regimen for your needs. Charting effects in a journal while adding potentiators one by one helps zero in on what works best. Soon, you’ll perfect a tailored protocol to achieve peak kratom euphoria – no increased tolerance necessary.

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