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Our Opinions on the Alcohol Tracking Device Soberlink

Technology has the potential to alleviate or even eliminate certain issues. The latest iteration of this equipment incorporates an alcohol-detection system. The legal limit for a driver’s blood alcohol concentration in the United States is 0.08 percent. Right now, this is our best bet for cutting down on or doing away with drunk driving altogether.

When selecting whether or not to employ one or another technique for detecting the state of drunkenness of people, which depends directly on the blood alcohol content of Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC), many leaders in various companies require complete information (BAC).

Just what is Soberlink, exactly?

The Huntington Beach, CA headquarters of the technology firm Soberlink. They are a firm that produces alcohol testing equipment. It’s a high-end breathalyzer that uses facial recognition to instantly deliver test results to authorized users.

Soberlink created their technology with the idea that responsibility was crucial to sobriety. Their plan is to encourage responsibility by means of an extensive alcohol checking program.

There are many benefits to conducting a respiratory analysis.

Some breathalyzers pick up not just ethyl alcohol from drinks, but also substances with a similar chemical structure.

Analyzers of the respiratory system have difficulty separating out molecules containing the methyl group. Human breath contains about a hundred distinct compounds, the majority of which (70-80%) have a methyl group somewhere in their molecular structure. In this way, the structures of molecules containing methyl groups can be misinterpreted for alcohol. The accuracy of a respiratory analyzer will degrade as the number of ethyl groups in a molecule increases.

Soberlink: how does it function?

The Soberlink devices include an electrochemical fuel-cell sensor. When a breath sample is taken, this sensor returns a reading that can be correlated with the BAC. It only works for detecting alcohol and has no effect on other drugs.

Isn’t it feasible to tamper with the gadget, though? The answer, thankfully, is no. There are a number of Soberlink-exclusive technologies that can verify whether or not a breath sample was taken from a human subject. Warnings can be issued to anyone the user specifies if they try to cheat on a test. This same technology can verify the user’s identity to prevent unauthorized access. Because it uses face recognition technology to verify the user’s identity before each test. No, having a sober friend take the test for you is not an option. Soberlink has made significant efforts to eliminate all workarounds.

Conclusion: Devices for analyzing breath

According to recent surveys, roughly two-thirds of all people who abuse drugs or alcohol do it while at work. Abuse of alcohol is a major factor in 50% of workplace accidents.

Thus, there is a growing demand for improved methods of alcohol testing. Testing for drugs and alcohol is becoming standard practice in the workplace, with pre-employment tests often supplemented by random tests. Many C-suite executives are on the lookout for more data regarding breathalyzers and other alcohol testing technologies, so they can better locate and invest in efficient and affordable solutions wherever they may be needed. Soberlink is available now to provide you with the numerous benefits of a breath analyzer. Don’t believe? Soberlink monitoring device reviews will be beneficial for you to read.

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